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Number: 2445

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Also known as: Empire Season 2 FULL 2016 book 9

Country: USA, 264 minutes

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Genre(s): Action, Drama, Crime, Romance,


Season 2, Episode 18: ‘Past Is Prologue’ The women in the Lyon family are fed up. In the season finale, “Past Is Prologue,” several of them push away from the Lyon men. Laura, about to walk down the aisle, stops short of doing so and is whisked away by her parents. Rhonda tells Andre not to contact her until he learns to stand up for her. Cookie, who’s been back and forth with Lucious on a possible reconciliation, storms out on him after he asks her to support his sham marriage to Anika — a move intended to keep her from being subpoenaed. With family and business so heavily intertwined, there’s rarely a moment to process the weight of personal loss. There’s almost always something larger at stake — possible incarceration, loss of the company, heir to the throne, a secret getting out. In some ways this hinders the ability for real growth in and between the characters, in part explaining why the Lyon men don’t fight too hard to repair these relationships. Hakeem makes a half-baked plea to Laura, asserting that the melee inside the venue is under control, but the wedding is still off; Andre seems resigned to letting Rhonda go; and Lucious wasted little time in refocusing his attention on keeping Empire — and himself — safe from the law. The family is once again in crisis mode and survival is the only thing that matters. One woman, however, moves closer to the Lyon inner sanctum — Anika. After once insisting she wanted nothing to do with the Lyons — and vice versa — she says she’d now rather die than be forced to snitch on Lucious and agrees to marry him. But, every move on “Empire” is part of an elaborate chess match, and Anika understands she has a priceless pawn in her possession. She dutifully plays her part in order to keep the past buried and secure her future. Sometimes, there are no good solutions. As Andre laments “a cycle ends when it’s ready to end. Until then we do what we have to do.” In the meantime, the cycle of dysfunction, lies, hurt and sacrifice continues. But, some women can only ride or die so much.


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Location: USA

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