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Fantasia - The Definition Of (2016) Album (2016)    

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Also known as: book 9

Country: USA, 123 minutes

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Genre(s): Music


The highly anticipated fifth studio album, The Definition Of... by Fantasia (Barrino) has been announced with a June release date and proceeded by the uptempo, third single off the album, "So Blue." The former American Idol winner is ready to release the follow up to her 2013 release, Side Effects of You, with her new project, which is available for purchase on June 10 according to her official website. The album is set to be released on the RCA record label according to That Grape Juice, and provides a reminder to all of her fans of what they've been missing. The new track, "So Blue," follows the release of "Ugly" and "No Time for It," the first release from the project. Prior albums from the North Carolina native include her 2004 debut, Free Yourself, followed by the 2006 sophomore, self-titled album Fantasia. A few years later she released Back to Me, and then her last album in 2014. Now, Tasia is ready to continue on with her rock soul sound and is breaking down what it's like to feel hurt after someone has betrayed you in the lyrics of her latest track, "So Blue." "See, a lot of times, when things happen, you react in the moment and you're not thinking about anything but trying to get that person back or making that person hurt like you hurt," explained Barrino in her latest single. "When you have time to sit back and think about it, it's too late. The damage is already done."


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